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Looking ahead: What would you choose for Fall 2014- cord or tweed?

July 16, 2014

Would you get with this (vintage corduroy 3 piece suit)   or would you get with that (vintage tweed fleck 3 piece suit)   Which would you choose?  All comments within the next 24 hours will be rewarded with a 20% off coupon code which can be used on any current offering or our fall 2014 line which will include one of the above, in a custom vintage design with modern fit.   We will also take your comments into consideration as we design a new suiting line.  Continue Reading →

To Beard or not to Beard? That is a Good Question.

July 10, 2014

Let's face it, whether you like them or not, beards are en vogue. I think they look awesome, but I'm an indie loving type of girl anyway.  And even in business, they can look pro if you keep your hair on your head cut shorter.  What about for a wedding?  Are you bearding up for your wedding, and if so, long beard or shorter, like our company owner?  Share your pictures with us on Facebook or tag us on Twitter.  <---Here's a picture of Matt with a sweet three piece tweed suit to go along with the face texture.   Continue Reading →